Lone Star Sports Medicine Symposium

Lone Star Sports Medicine Symposium
Current Diagnostics and Therapies 6 CE Hours with: Dr. John Janicek, Dr. David Dutton, Dr. Ben Buchanan, Dr. Cliff Honnas, Dr. Scott McClure and a panel of speakers moderated by Dr. Beau Whitaker.

October 24

 Schedule: 8:00AM-5:00PM

8:00 - 9:00AM | Breakfast

9:00 | Dr. John Janicek: "Cervical Spine Pathology Causing Poor Performance"

10:00 | Dr. David Dutton: "The Science and Clinical Application of Amniotic Allographts"

11:00 | Dr. Ben Buchanan: "I Can't Breathe: IAD, RAO, COPD, Asthma - What It All Means"

12:00PM | Lunch

1:00 | Dr. Cliff Honnas: "Kissing Spines and Back Pain"

2:00 | Dr. Scott McClure: "Lameness Diagnostics and Therapies"

3:00 | Break for Refreshments

3:20 | Dr. Scott McClure: "Approaches to Treatment of Tendon and Ligament Injuries in the Distal Limb"

4:00 | Panel Discussion, Moderator: Dr. Beau Whitaker

5:00 | Dismissal

10/24/2020 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Central Standard Time
1920 FM 2268 Salado, TX 76571 UNITED STATES
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Lone Star Sports Medicine Symposium: Current Diagnostics and Therapies

October 24, 2020

Where: Brazos Valley Equine Hospital Salado 
1920 FM 2268 Salado, TX

$100 for current TEVA members. CE is limited to 30 participants.

The meeting will take place in a covered lameness pavilion with room for social distancing. 

Agenda: 45 minute talks followed by 15 minutes for questions. 

Hosted by Brazos Valley Equine Hospital 


8:00AM to 9:00AM: Breakfast

9:00AM: Dr. John Janicek

“Cervical Spine Pathology Causing Poor Performance”

Topic will focus on identifying, diagnosing, imaging, and treating horses with cervical spine pathology affecting performance.

10:00AM: Dr. David Dutton

“The science and clinical application of amniotic allografts”

The talk will cover the science behind the use of amniotic-derived allografts for tissue healing. It will cover the anti-inflammatory factors, growth factors, antimicrobial factors, and trophic factors that have been identified in amniotic allografts.  We will discuss the clinical studies that have evaluated the use of amniotic based products in tissue healing. With that knowledge, we will discuss the clinical applications for amniotic allografts in horses.  The clinical portion will cover current uses, methods of application, safety, and comparative outcomes with the use of amniotic based allografts.

11:00AM: Dr. Ben Buchanan

“I Can’t Breathe. IAD, RAO, COPD, Asthma - What it all means”

Topic will focus on the performance horse and the different types of lower airway inflammation. We will update all the terminology, diagnostics, methods of treatment, long term control, and prognosis.


12:00PM: Lunch

1:00PM: Dr. Cliff Honnas

“Kissing Spines and Back Pain”

The topic will focus on back issues in performance horses with a focus on kissing spines. The talk will cover diagnostics, treatment, and surgery.

2:00PM: Dr. Scott McClure on

“Lameness Diagnostics and Therapies”

Topic will focus on specific lameness diagnostics and therapies related to osteoarthritis in the equine athlete.

3:00PM: Break: Refreshments

3:20PM: Dr. Scott McClure

“Approaches to treatment of tendon and ligament injuries in the distal limb”

Topic will focus on current therapeutic approaches to facilitate healing and functional recovery in flexor tendons and suspensory ligaments.

4:00PM: Panel Discussion— Moderator: Dr. Beau Whitaker

Crowd sourced topics of discussion for the speakers in a panel setting related to how they

diagnose and treat specific injuries in

performance horses.

5:00PM: Dismiss