Auction CommitteeAuction to design, organize and execute the Foundation Benefit Auction at the Summer CE Symposium.AUCTION
Board of DirectorsGoal: To meet and act for the Board of Directors on an ad hoc basis as required, with exceptions as previously indicated herein; to audit the Association’s Financial books; to review the annual budget including staff salaries; to develop and review agenda items for meetings of the Board of Directors. The executive committee will consist of all officers, except the executive director.BOARD
Education CommitteeGoal: Run a first class meeting with opportunity for collegiality, education and scholarship raising. The meeting should generate a minimum of a $50,000 profit.EDUCATION
Finance CommitteeGoal: Keep current Profit/Loss Statements. Take care of timely audits/reviews, and budgets of our books. Keep a pulse on the financial climate of the organization in a timely manner that allows ample time for adjustments if needed.FINCOMM
LiaisonsTEVA LiaisonsLIAISONS
Membership CommitteeGoal: Increase membership to 454 by 12/31/20; by: assisting the ED with renewals, reaching out to AAEP/TVMA members that are not TEVA members and soliciting veterinarians from neighboring states (NM, OK, LA, AR)MEMCOMMITTEE
Nominating CommitteeGoal: Nominate new board members and suggest new VP and recommend to the Executive Committee.NOM
Platinum Practice CommitteeGoal: Solicit practices to become sponsors – find ways to make the Platinum Practice event at the symposium, better attended.PPC
President's Advisory CommitteeGoal: Consultation for the President, President-Elect and Vice PresidentPRESADCOM
Remuda CommitteeGoal: Publish four magazines per year. Each person on the committee is responsible for articles to be banked. Chair will organize issues and send articles to ED.REMUDA