For those of you interested in practice ownership – Cobb Veterinary Clinic in Midland, Texas

For those of you interested in practice ownership –

Cobb Veterinary Clinic in Midland, Texas

This is a newly remodeled mixed animal practice, with great facilities. We do around 40% small, 60% large on average – this fluctuates, but we have the opportunity to do quite a bit of horse work here – many lameness exams and joint injections, a variety of elective surgery procedures, including assisting the occasional arthroscopic surgery which a surgeon comes into perform, manage medicine cases such as pleuropneumonia and many non-surgical colics – and much more. We have a farrier who visits the clinic once a week and helps with special shoeing cases. The owner breeds a good book of mares in the spring and stands a 2-3 stallions here every year. We also see your variety of livestock ranging from show animals to the backyard variety. There is a good opportunity for beef cattle herd work here as well if you pursued it – preg-checking of several herds, Timed AI of show cattle, pull calves, perform PU and rumenostomy procedures, etc, etc. Goats, sheep, and pigs make up a smaller percent of our cases. A large portion of the small animal work is routine vaccines and spay/neuter.  The case load is perfect for a 2 full doctor practice, with room to grow.


  • Sonosite Edge portable ultrasound for abdominal, thoracic, tendons and ligaments in horses as well as small animal abdomens
  • A non-portable ultrasound unit for equine reproductive work
  • Sonosite Titan portable ultrasound for travel reproductive work
  • Sound Eklin DR unit
  • 1m and 3m endoscope with monitor
  • hydraulic float setup
  • Abaxis CBC, Chemistry and ISTAT
  • dental scaler for small animal
  • incubators and centrifuge equipment for collecting stallions, extending semen, and breeding mares
  • Arthroscope light source and fluid pump and a few of the surgical tools required for scoping joints – so when the surgeon comes he does not have to bring much equipment.
  • A flatbed GMC truck used for travel calls – not fully stocked – we try to do most of our work within the clinic
  • A steel gooseneck stock trailer for hauling horses to and from the clinic when needed


  • There are 2 small animal exam rooms
  • 2 offices for associates/office manager
  • Lab/Pharmacy
  • small animal surgery and prep rooms
  • separate isolation kennels for parvo etc.
  • a large animal exam area with 2 sets of stocks
  • a breeding barn with 2 sets of stocks, a separate lab, and a phantom
  • An equine surgery room with lift table and hoist and nearby indoor stall equipped for IV Fluids (not a recovery stall – we just recover horses in the surgery room)
  • A covered 10-stall barn with 2 stalls for running IV Fluids and a separate isolation stall (also equipped for IVF), 2 box stud stalls behind the barn with a walker, and a separate set of covered pens. In total there are 30 stalls/pens – some of which can be split to house more horses.
  • There are also 6 different turn out traps for managing mares/long term patients.
  • A large arena with lights and roping chutes
  • Cattle pens (3 total long term pens) and (manual) chute are at the end of the arena.
  • The main clinic building has an upstairs apartment with a kitchen and office area.

The owner would be willing to sell OR lease the property if you purchased the practice. The property has a house, large back yard with an outdoor kitchen and in-ground swimming pool. This place would be great for two partners (or a husband and wife team). If you have any more questions about the facility, case load, or want to see pictures, just give us a call and we will be happy to answer. If you want to come by sometime and take a tour, we would be happy to show you around.

FMI  – Cobb Veterinary Clinic – RL (Bobby) Cobb, DVM 432-556-6405,  Barbara (office manager) 432-682-6405 or Tita Burnham, DVM (current associate)  979-224-3474.

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