Job Opening

Incredible career opportunity! 
Location: Outlaw Equine, Decatur, TX
Contact: Joanna Sherman Email:

Seeking a Veterinary Intern in Equine Clinical Studies.  We offer a two-phase intern program. During phase one as an intern you will be scheduled on shift with experienced veterinarians to allow for supervision and mentoring. You will be assisting with primary cases and doing the initial work up on emergencies. During phase two you will be overseeing your own cases and doing complete work ups on emergencies.  The applicant will also be expected to participate in topic and clinical rounds in order to facilitate their development. 

The candidate needs to pursue excellence in all facets of equine care with a focus on sports medicine and rehab. The interns will also be doing ambulatory work and placed in the rotation for after hour emergency services. This is a rare opportunity to work with an elite class of animals (primarily performance horses), and to gain the highest level of skill in areas including lameness evaluations, diagnostic blocks, ultrasound, shockwave, video endoscopy and digital x-ray as well as emerging areas of care. Client base is comprised of well-known rodeo athletes, trainers and educated owners.

You must also possess initiative, enthusiasm, flexibility, and effective communication skills and be able to work within a dynamic team environment.

Applicants will receive a salary of $36,000 and benefits for full time employees. Housing will be provided on-site.

Graduate of Accredited Veterinary College

Eligible for licensure in Texas

Start date: 1 June 2018.

Duration of appointment: One year